Christmas CHEER(s)


Guys, I felt it was my duty to pass along a delicious little holiday cocktail! It is the weekend, after all. We normally do a fair amount if Holiday entertaining at our house, so I’m usually looking for a fun new wintry/Christmassy drink. I live for a cute bar set-up & a themed party…but alas, on the heels of a recent move- we haven’t quite managed to find our “crew” here yet, but we’re working on it!

First things first- HORCHATA! glorious, cinnamon wonder that it is…have you tried it? I accidentally discovered it this past fall, and promptly gained 5lbs by drinking it multiple times every day for a WEEK. It’s that good. It’s pretty easy to find in your regular grocery- sometimes on the ethnic food aisle. There are plenty of recipes on the inter-webs to make your own, but I’m not about that life…and neither is my bathroom scale. HA!

If you’re throwing a party- this easy, delicious, and seemingly nostalgic drink is a WINNER. Even if you’re just warming your cockles my the fire in your woolie socks? Still a winner, maybe even better! Cheers!

Horchata White Russian

1 part vodka

1 part Khalua

2 parts Horchata (or Horchata Liquor)…keep in mind that using the liquor will increase the overall alcohol content of your drank. Do whatcha want!

Fill a low ball style glass with ice. Pour ingredients over ice, give it a quick stir, & VOILA! it doesn’t hurt to garnish with a smidgen of cinnamon. ENJOY! 


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