It’s Christmas time in the (new) city.

      • We had the Best weekend exploring all of the Christmas wonder that Penn Square has to offer here in Philadelphia. We’ve been here for almost 3 months, and I can honestly say that the people in this city really do make it the city of “brotherly love”.
      • I’m a midwestern girl. I come from the land that has an identity crisis as to whether it is Southern or not, where we apologize for EVERYTHING (you bump into me and spill coffee down my front? I’M sorry. HA!), where we are raised on casseroles, hard labor, & opening the door for everyone. If we are stuck in the grocery store line waiting together, I WILL strike up a conversation (probably much to your annoyance &  chagrin if your from Philly…sorry about that.)

People here aren’t necessarily the same kind of “overt warm” that comes with years of midwestern indoctrination- but they are friendly, and real, and really quite welcoming. So, Philly- Thanks for that!


Over the weekend we ventured into Center City. Penn square is LOVELY this time of year. City Hall is all lit up and Merry. There are ice skating rinks, and markets galore!

We had a blast at the German Market this weekend. I honestly ate the best Bratwurst of my life.. I’m not sure there is anything better than legit German mustard, except maybe gluwein…don’t get me started on gluwein. I’m a true convert to the church of warm libation.

If you’re in Philly during the Christmas season, there are a few things to hit up in a REALLY close distance to each other, they make it TOO easy to get into the Christmas spirit here. Nothing beats the bustle of a city at Christmas, It’s the merriest.

Penn Square: Dilworth Park within the square hosts its own fun little Christmas Market all decked out with lights. You’ll also find an ice skating rink, wandering Santas (on occasion), and Really fun choreographed light show that is projected onto Philly’s historic City Hall building every night.

Just across the way in Love Park (part of the JFK Plaza) you’ll find:

Philly Christmas Village: an adorable traditional German Market replete with wooden stalls filled with all sorts of treasures, authentic German food, warm drinks, live music…what more could you ask for, ya know- other than ACTUALLY being in Germany during the holidays?

Wander a few blocks away (take that warm wine… no one stopped me, ha! But really- I’m not even sure that’s legal here? So yeah, maybe don’t) to the Comcast building. I only took videos, no pictures to share- but they put on the

Comcast Holiday Spectacular: It really is SPECTACULAR. Every hour, on the hour,  you can watch a huge screen light up with nostalgic videos and renditions of your favorite Christmas music. I was pleasantly surprised by machines raining down snow, and a real life SING-ALONG at the end. I live for a sing along.

We rounded out our evening by wandering past the

Macys Department Store Holiday Windows… you can see our little man’s face pressed against a few of them below.

We made such wonderful memories this weekend, and I hope if you’re ever visiting Philly during the Holidays you will to! I look forward to discovering more of this great city and sharing it with you all.


Philly City Hall, all dressed up for the season.



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