The Most Wonderful time of the year

I’m sure that out here in the blogosphere I am WAY behind on a Christmas post, but no shame here. We took it easy, I let go of a lot of self imposed “expectations”, and we totally got lost in that week between Christmas and New year. I think we did it right.

Being a military family means we live a life of duality. Ours is a mix of huge blessing, and also heartache. I think that the Holidays tend to magnify ALL of that. We are so blessed to love & be loved by so many people, friends and family flung far and wide. While that love bolsters us in times of trial- it is also SERIOUSLY missed, every day…but especially during those times of the year when you want to be near the ones you love. Like I said, duality at its finest. This year we were very sad to be missing celebrations with our friends (who were like family) back in CO, and we were especially disheartened at the aspect of not seeing ALL our family. It’s tough when his & hers live LITERALLY 10.5 hours away rom each other & 16+ hours away from you…downside, ya can’t fit it all in!

That being said, we are EXTRA blessed than Dan has a wonderful family. We got to head south and visit them this year, and it was just what our hearts needed! Jaxon is such a little “people person”. He got to love all over his extended family for DAYS. He was in heaven (not to mention the SPOILING! ha) We feel so lucky to have Dan’s sweet grandparents with us, and we got to meet a new little addition to our family. Our jax LOVES him a teeny baby!

Maybe be the best part of all is that Dan and I were able to help my Brother in law pull off the SURPRISE TO END ALL SURPRISES! my BIL lives in Israel. We told his poor parents for MONTHS that he wouldn’t make it home for Christmas…but we conspired all along for him to fly in & to bring him down from Philly with us. It.was.PERFECT!

All around, one of the best Christmases I can remember. Tell me, How was your Christmas? I’m already counting the days until Chrismtas 2018!


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